Don’t touch that dial!Barrie MacDonald gave everyone involved with the TV sitcom she produced consistently high ratings–except executive Michael Compton. Charmingly persuasive, Michael was clearly interested in Barrie, but he also wanted to reschedule her show, which would be a disaster.Was Barrie’s commitment to the program worth her tuning Michael out completely? She wasn’t sure she could deny their attraction. But when she realized the romance of her on-screen heroine was beginning to echo Barrie’s real-life dilemmas, she felt that things were getting out of control!

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Версия книги: 📚 Электронная книга
Возрастное ограничение: 0+
Дата выхода: 03 января 2019
Язык книги: Книга на английском
ISBN: 9781474036993