Meghan Foster had always wanted to have a wild, passionate affair, like the ones she fantasized about in her diary.But now she’s tired of waiting. Her agenda – to go on a tropical vacation and turn those sensual dreams into reality. And Alex Worth seems to be just the man to help her. He’s dark, dangerous and very, very sexy. If only he didn’t have an agenda of his own….DEA agent Alex Worth is at the resort on an undercover assignment. Only, he doesn’t expect to end up «under the covers» so quickly. From the moment he discovers Meghan’s sexy lingerie, red shoes and a diary full of naughty entries in his room, he can’t get enough of her.But is Meghan really as innocent as she seems? Because her fantasies – fantasies Alex definitely intends to fulfill – are anything but….

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Версия книги: 📚 Электронная книга
Возрастное ограничение: 0+
Дата выхода: 02 января 2019
Язык книги: Книга на английском
ISBN: 9781408949153